Since early 2004, long-time South Florida sea turtle biologist Larry Wood has been conducting research on the hawksbill turtles of Palm Beach.  Though familiar to divers for decades, the hawksbills of Florida have escaped the attention of all but a few scientists.  This project represents the first systematic study of the hawksbills of Florida, and is designed to contribute significantly to our understanding and conservation of this remarkable species.

We thank our sponsors for their financial and logistical support:

The National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation, The Zoological Society of the Palm Beaches; The Bay and Paul Foundation; The Philanthropic Collaborative, The Florida Sea Turtle License Plate Grants Program; Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures (JASA); Force-E Dive Centers, Pura Vida Divers, Narcosis Dive Charters, Captain SL8R Dive Charters, South Florida Hammerheads.

Thanks also to our Scientific Advisors, Colleagues, and Collaborators:

Drs. Anne and Peter Meylan (Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute and Eckerd College, respectively);  Robert Hardy, Dr. Terry Maple, Chris Johnson, Michael Frick, Dr. Richard Snider (Michigan State University);  Dr. Jennifer Keller (NIST), Dr. David Owens and Gaelle Blanvillain (The Grice laboratory at the College of Charleston, SC);  Prof. Jessica Miles (Palm Beach Community College); Drs. Barbara Brunnick and Stefan Harzen of the Taras Oceanographic Foundation;  Steve Reichard;  Ms. Kay Tennant; Nikole Ordway; Susie Nuttall, all dive interns and volunteers; and the helpful crews on all of the great dive charter boats we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Thanks to Lazaro Ruda for website support